About Us

About Us—

Our motto: Always Game

As part of Activision Blizzard, we run every part of the players' online experience, from logging in to climbing the leaderboards.

  • Identity Management
    Recognizing a player everywhere they log in.

  • Matchmaking
    Putting all the right players together in one session, a few thousand times a second.

  • Microtransactions
    Buying that bigger gun for the next raid, or a new hat because… new hat!

  • Statistics
    Ranking the winners, among friends or the best in the world.

  • Data Pipeline
    Gathering every bit of information to make the next player experience better.

  • Content and Storage
    Delivering DLC and title updates or saving loadouts and highlight reels, all to keep things fresh for the players.

Our Locations

  • Our Locations

  • Vancouver

    Our East Van location is convenient to Olympic Village and the Main Street-Science World SkyTrain stop. Our spacious offices, spread across two floors, look out across the mountains.

  • Dublin

    Located in Dublin’s vibrant city centre, we're close to shopping, cinemas and many, many pubs. Recently renovated, our top floor office enjoys panoramic views of the city's historic skyline.

  • Shanghai

    We're based in one of Shanghai's central city districts with convenient access to line 1 metro. Our newly refurbished office is co-located with other parts of Activision to support our China game titles.


At Demonware we believe customer problems are our own, sharing wisdom breeds success, and everyone deserves respect. We work smart, deliver on promises, and have fun doing it.

  • Infrastructure
    The infrastructure department designs, builds and operates our public cloud and private presences globally. We understand the challenges of hosting at scale and build for reliability.

  • Platform
    The Platform department develops in-house frameworks and libraries to build, deploy, and monitor our services. We create our own internal tools and tech to be efficient, responsive, and reusable.

  • Products
    The Products department creates the foundation for Activision games online features. We provide deep expertise in game-specific services such as matchmaking, in-game economy, managing user-generated content, and player identity.

  • Titles
    The Titles department works side by side with game studios like Treyarch to develop innovative online features, launch new titles smoothly each year, and provide support throughout the life of a game.

  • HR/Recruitment & Studio Operations
    The non-engineering departments work both within Demonware and across Activision to serve studios efficiently. From documenting our tech to planning annual budgets to finding the best talent, we’re the grease in the gears.

Leadership Team

  • John Kirk
    John Kirk
    Studio Head
  • Colin Cox
    Colin Cox
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Nadia Alramli
    Nadia Alramli
    Director of Engineering, Products
  • Colin Cashin
    Colin Cashin
    Director of Engineering, Infrastructure
  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell
    Director of Engineering, Platform
  • Jason Wei
    Jason Wei
    Director of Engineering, Titles
  • Brendan Dillon
    Brendan Dillon
    Director of Studio Operations
  • Art Santos
    Art Santos
    VP of Planning & Partnerships
  • Mike Whitty
    Mike Whitty
    Technical Director
  • Tendayi Mawushe
    Tendayi Mawushe
    Chief Architect
  • Suzanne Boylan
    Suzanne Boylan
    Senior Engineering Manager
  • Xander Botha
    Xander Botha
    Senior Engineering Manager
  • Byron Pile
    Byron Pile
    Senior Engineering Manager

John was an original Demonware engineer: he wrote our first lines of code and also irresponsibly cabled our first office. Today crunching with Activision studios takes most of his time.

Colin’s career spans both video games and online services, from EA to Rackspace. He’s glad that Skylanders games keep his three young boys from playing Call of Duty – for now.

Nadia joined Demonware as a software engineer in 2008. She is a top ranked Stack Overflow contributor, though she swears she hasn’t posted in years.

Colin’s background includes Amazon, where he saw up close how to operate at scale under high pressure. He’s worryingly passionate about everything – from CAT6 cables to containers – to do with building distributed systems.

Andrew spent 20 years leading teams developing telecoms and IoT systems for customers all over the world. He finally has a job his kids think is cool.

Jason joined the Title Support team back in the days of Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk. In the decade since, he’s helped Demonware and the Call of Duty franchise grow together.

Brendan, a ten year veteran, started just after Demonware joined Activision. After beginning in project management, he is now a key ambassador to studios and corporate HQ in Santa Monica.

Art was actually a part of the original Demonware team. After a decade in StartupLand, he’s now back building new relationships and leading future strategy.

Mike built recommendation systems and network policy controllers before landing his dream job in gaming. Since joining, he has worked in almost every area of Demonware’s engineering organization.

After years in content management, workflow engines, and network planning and optimisation, Tendayi is happy he can talk about work at parties without people’s eyes glazing over.

Suzanne started as an operations engineer before moving into gaming. She’s worked on hundreds of titles for Microsoft, among others, and also played a few - her favorites are driving games.

Xander wrote his first 8-bit computer game as a kid in the mid-80s. After designing for defence, telecoms, digital print and smart grid, he’s now behind some totally righteous 64-bit games.

Byron leads the Shanghai office, which he helped found in 2012 to deliver features for Activision’s China titles. He is permanently studying to improve his Mandarin Chinese.

Work with us

Our offices are in Dublin, Ireland; Vancouver, Canada; and Shanghai, China, and we’re hiring in all locations.