Service Reliability Engineer

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Activision Blizzard is seeking a talented System Engineer to join its Service Reliability Engineering Group in Shanghai. The Service Reliability Engineering Group in Shanghai manages Activision Blizzard’s on-line systems and services in the Asia region.

About us:
Activision Blizzard, are specialists in creating client and server-side networking software and services for video games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. As software services company, we develop and deploy robust, scalable services to support millions of users with often rapid turnaround times.


  • Managing infrastructure; tracking and scheduling the following:
  • OS/OS vendor updates
  • Network equipment software/firmware updates
  • Demonware software updates
  • External tools/service updates
  • Adding/removing hardware to/from service clusters
  • Monitoring and metrics
  • Ensure monitoring and metrics systems are operational
  • Ensure configuration for monitoring and metric systems are up to date
  • Diagnosing and resolving problems and outages
  • Providing second-line support to the front-line operations team
  • Requirements:
  • Native speaker/fluent Mandarin
  • Good English speaking and communication skills
  • Administration experience of Debian and Red Hat based Linux servers
  • Quick learner
  • Very comfortable working with Linux based systems
  • Good understanding of database technologies
  • Able to automate every task he or she does, as applicable
  • Strong scripting skills; Unix shell programming and at ideally at least one of Perl or Python
  • Should know how to script tasks involving SQL, XML and network operations in a Linux environment
  • Strong analytical / troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to spend up to 1 week per month on call
  • Desired:
  • In-depth knowledge of IP based networking
  • Administration of services on Linux servers (Apache, Postfix, MySQL etc.)
  • SQL databases – MySQL preferred
  • Web services development (e.g. XML-RPC, REST)
  • Experience working with an international company and communicating interculturally
  • Experienced with cloud computing/AWS is a plus
  • Benefits include: Excellent salary (DOE) w/ annual salary and performance review, medical insurance, paid holidays


    地点 :上海

    概述 : Demonware 是动视暴雪旗下的全资子公司,负责大型在线游戏的后端服务,如《使命召唤》,《Destiny》和《Diablo III》等游戏,目前在中国的团队负责《使命召唤OL》这款PC平台的在线游戏。作为一家专注于后端服务的技术公司,我们追求服务的健壮性和可扩展性,以应对4.69亿注册用户,每月1320亿api call,以及每秒2500万DB query。

    职位概要 : Demonware现招募若干名优秀的系统“攻城狮”加入其位于上海的SRE部门,全权负责《使命召唤OL》在线系统和服务的日常工作,以及架构调优工作。

  • 支持本地以及远程开发团队,保证线上游戏稳定性
  • 负责运维架构和所使用开源系统的持续优化工作
  • 学习研究互联网相关技术,并不断提升整体运维效率和能力
  • 要求:
  • 热爱开源软件
  • 热爱自动化
  • 适应多国文化
  • 热衷学习与交流
  • 热爱游戏
  • 有下述技术经验者优先,如ELK,Zabbix,Grafana,Cobbler,Puppet,Haproxy,Nginx,Apache,Bind9, Git,MySQL,RabbitMQ

  • Senior
  • 主导技术疑难问题,重大故障的攻坚工作,并且研究和实施相应对的长久之计,从而提升平台健壮性
  • 主导技术选型,权衡各种技术的优劣和本项目的需求,制定最符合需求的技术方案
  • 不断思考现有工作中的痛点和薄弱环节,通过自动化,集中化,标准化,工具化等行之有效的方案,提高整体运维效率
  • 要求:
  • 具有较强编程能力,如Python,或Ruby/Php/Perl
  • 具有自动化配置管理软件的使用经验,如Puppet,或Saltstack/Ansible/Chef
  • 具有敏锐的分析和排错能力
  • 精通多个开源软件以及较强的定制能力
  • 有大型架构的运维与调优经验者优先
  • 有AWS运维经验者优先
  • 待遇包括 : 具有竞争力的薪资(视经验而定),由年薪和年度绩效考核奖金,医保,补充公积金,可观的带薪假期(25天!)组成,同时注重健康的作息时间(无996现象)